Blanquette de Veau

Blanquette, French Veal StewThis is a delicate subtle flavoured stew, using clean white meat, normally the finest veal you can find, which is favourable with my children and my picky husband. I COULDN’T BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE HAD SECONDS! This is among the preferable meals in any French house. One, because it is easy to make, … Continue reading Blanquette de Veau

Not so slow cooked Cassoulet

                        On my birthday this year Alfonz treated me to a traditional French Cassoulet in St. Jeans Minervois paired with the local Muscat. Now, there are different villages in a triangle around Capestang whom all claim to be the origin of Cassoulet. They all … Continue reading Not so slow cooked Cassoulet

Duck Confit Soup with Beans and Savoy Cabbage

The mayor's wife sent over a giant organic savoy cabbage from her father's garden, and along with the generous gift, she told me how she makes her favourite soup from duck confit. Confit is a traditional French dish of slow cooked duck in its own fat. The end result is a super soft, tender and flavourful … Continue reading Duck Confit Soup with Beans and Savoy Cabbage

Causses Navet de Pardailhan

A rich tasty southern French dish, which is the perfect pairing between the Navet, a type of turnip or root vegetable, cooked in the fat of a duck. Subtle, heavy, perfect for a cold day like today, nearing winter. Causses Navet de Pardailhan with roasted duck breast Ingredients 2 large duck breasts 1 kilo Causses … Continue reading Causses Navet de Pardailhan

HOW TO MAKE: Vegetarian French Lentils

A delicious filling vegetarian meal, served with bread and cheese   INGREDIENTS: 3 large diced onions 2 crushed garlic cloves 5 large finely sliced carrots 2 diced celery sticks 1 sliced leak, the white part 1-2 chopped turnips 1 kilo dried, rinsed and cleaned lentils 2 liters vegetable stock or 3 vegetable stock cubes added … Continue reading HOW TO MAKE: Vegetarian French Lentils

HOW TO MAKE: Beef Bourguignon Julia Child’s Recipe

Do the French actually cook like Julia Child's? This is my second attempt at making Beef Burgundy or Boeuf Bourguignon, the classic French dish made famous again by the 2009 movie Julie & Julia, bringing Julia Child’s cookbook back to the best selling list 50 years later. In my circle of friends and family, some have on … Continue reading HOW TO MAKE: Beef Bourguignon Julia Child’s Recipe

HOW TO MAKE: Beef Bourguignon – My Way

Beef Bourguignon, a traditional French dish. In the south, not as many people make this dish, to my surprise. I always think, that the French are like Hungarians, everyone knows how to make X,Y & Z. But in the south, it is usually far too hot to make oven dishes, except in the winter, but … Continue reading HOW TO MAKE: Beef Bourguignon – My Way