Granolas Eat Granola – A Ratio Recipe

rolled oats in oven Granola is an adjective to describe a Canadian who is ├╝ber health conscious, left-winged, open-minded and possibly a hairy hippy, but not necessarily. Often confused with the pot smoking hippy; a hippy can be granola, aka a granola hippy. Granola people are predominately environmentally conscience and concerned about wasting resources, are … Continue reading Granolas Eat Granola – A Ratio Recipe

L’Oulibo Bize Minervois Olive Mill

L'Oulibo in Bize Minervois is a 15 minute drive from Capestang, and is an active olive farm, mill and cooperative. Here you will find the unique Lucques and Picholine olive varieties to try and buy. Offering tours and products to the region for over 70 years, this is a must see along your travels through … Continue reading L’Oulibo Bize Minervois Olive Mill