Who Am I? Eva HAMORI

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a friend, a traveller, a writer, a teacher, a singer, a volunteer, a gardener, and also at least once a day, a cook.

Whenever we travel to a new country and try new foods, unique flavours, spices and herbs, I come home and recreate the dishes.

This website started as a way of me sharing my Nagymama recipes, all those comforting love filled dishes my Hungarian grandmother used to make for us growing up. Now that she is gone, it seems even more important to save them for the future generations.

I never had the recipes written down before for my family and friends, we would get together and I would show them.

A pinch of this or a handful of that, it should look like this…

I would say… I never used measurements.

I had to find a way for them to survive, and not end with me.

I love creating things in my kitchen and sharing the recipes.

Travel, Eat, Repeat is an offshoot of our far more popular blog My Expat Life – That’s Hamori.

On here are the recipes I like the most. The ones that don’t turn out, don’t make it on this page.

It is a hobby that gives this very busy lady, a break to enjoy her passion. FOOD!

DO I love you? Have I ever cooked for you?

We follow a simple rule when it comes to cooking…

Buy the best quality ingredients available, and the freshest meats and dairy you can find.

We buy locally grown items, those heritage heirloom varieties which are unique to our area. Those seasonal fruits and veggies that grow wild in our climate; we pick off the trees and bushes, pull herbs and berries directly from the ground, and we incorporate them into our daily meals.

Gluttony is by far my favourite sin.

And don’t forget to Travel, Eat, Repeat!

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